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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between standard and premium floor plans?

Standard provides the information you need to get a thorough understanding of the floor plan layout.

Premium includes even more details such as appliances and fixtures along with Advanced Measurements and Interactive VR functionality. This allows you to really get to know the space in a more intimate way.

What is your turnaround time?

The iGUIDE Report is available next business day. Business days are from Monday to Saturday. The iGUIDE Report is where you find the links to download your photos, virtual tour etc.

Most of the time our turn over time for video is 48 hours. Sometimes we can deliver sooner depending how busy we are or the complexity of the video.

What's the difference between iGUIDE and Matterport?

iGUIDE gives a more realistic look and feel and is easier for most to maneuver through the virtual tour. iGUIDE unlike Matterport does not allow you to walk through walls to the next room which some may argue makes Matterport easier to get lost in and less user friendly for those who are less tech savvy.

iGUIDE meets and exceeds industry standards with lots of headroom regarding floor plan accuracy while Matterport being right at the threshold.

Personal preference is the usually main reason people choose one over the other.


How long does it take for the iGUIDE operator to shoot a property?

It all depends on the property size but for most properties under 2500 sqft, it takes the iGUIDE operator around 1 to 1.5 hours to scan the property for the virtual tour and floor plans. Unlike most Matterport operators, we do not pull the property photos from the iGUIDE camera and we shoot the photos with a professional camera and edit the photos with Adobe Lightroom. Combined time at location is 2 to 2.5 hours with an iGUIDE and photo package.

Does the photographer help with staging and moving of furniture?

No, the photographer anticipates that the home will be ready when they arrive. Please take the time to arrive 20 minutes before the the appointment to ensure the home is ready. Turn on all the lights and lamps and lift the blinds if desired. Garbage and recycling bins should also be out of sight, and toilet covers should be placed down. This helps to maintain our competitive prices scheduling. It is not the photographers responsibility to make sure unsightly objects are removed from rooms so please make sure you have this discussion with your home seller before hand if you will not be at the property at the time of the shoot.

How accurate are the floor plan measurements?

The iGUIDE measurement system has a sophisticated laser scanner that makes thousands of measurements per second used to capture dimensional data of the highest degree of confidence. This data is then reviewed, confirmed, and used to draft floor plans and produce detailed RMS measurements of space by a trained team of iGUIDE drafters and quality assurance personnel. The process is very similar to handheld distance meters used by the conventional floor planners, simply faster and more efficient.